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Former College Wrestler Found Guilty of Knowingly Exposing Sex Partners to HIV in Missouri School Dorm

May 15, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Former College Wrestler Found Guilty of Knowingly Exposing Sex Partners to HIV in Missouri School Dorm

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A jury found a former college wrestler guilty on Thursday of knowingly exposing a gay sex partner with the HIV and attempting to expose four other people to the virus. Michael L. Johnson, a 23- year-old college wrestler known as “Tiger Mandingo” could face life in prison after a jury found him guilty jury on five of six counts.

Assistant Prosecutor Phil Groenweghe argued during closing arguments that Johnson continued having unprotected sex with multiple men in his Lindenwood University dorm room, despite being tested HIV positive in December 2011.

“What we have here is a perfect storm of malice,” Groenweghe told jurors. Johnson lied when he told two men he had sex with that he was disease-free according to Groenweghe.

Police discovered 32 videos of Johnson having unprotected sex in his dorm room after seizing Johnson’s his laptop. The former Lindenwood University wrestler was a former 2012 National Junior College Champion at Lincoln College in Illinois, before transferring to NCAA Division II Lindenwood.

Johnson knowingly exposed sexual partners to HIV, despite telling a nurse and a disease prevention specialist, who testified that he wasn’t sexually active during follow-up visits in the ten months after testing positive for HIV.

“I was scared and confused; I didn’t have any knowledge of HIV. I knew it was a STD, that’s all,” Johnson said during testimony. In addition to HIV, Johnson was diagnosed with a number of other sexually transmitted diseases including gonorrhea.

However, the prosecution presented evidence proving that Johnson had in fact tested positive for HIV two years earlier in Indiana, the Post-Dispatch reported.

“It was new to me, and I didn’t know how to tell people,” Johnson stated in a taped interview played in court Johnson.

He allegedly used social media to meet men and reportedly had sex in his dorm room. After his 2013 arrest, school officials expelled Johnson from the University, who has remained in custody.

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