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ISIS: “If your goal was to kill Abu Sayyaf, then our goal is to Kill PResident Obama

May 17, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
ISIS: “If your goal was to kill Abu Sayyaf, then our goal is to Kill PResident Obama

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For the first time, American boots on the ground conducted a raid deep into Syria, wiping out over a dozen militants, including Abu Sayyaf, a high ranking leader of ISIS.

Abu Sayyaf is known to be the money-making “emir of oil and gas” for the terrorist organization. However, his career came to an abrupt end during a firefight with members of the elite U.S.Delta Force, who conducted a raid under the cover of darkness Saturday.

No Delta Force commandos were killed or injured in the rare ground operation at an ISIS compound in Syria.

In addition, the U.S. commandos captured the wife of the terrorist leader and transferred her to Iraq for interrogation regarding her husband’s activities. She is believed to be involved in human trafficking for the terrorist organization, officials said.

The Delta team seized an array of laptops, cell phones and items of intelligence And managed to rescue and bring back an 18-year-old Yazidi woman held as a slave by the couple and be reunited with her family.

During the raid, the terrorists immediately opened fire and used women and children as shields as the Americans landed aboard V-22 Osprey aircraft and Black Hawk.

The killing of Sayef has prompted a response from ISIS, who have vowed revenge in a message released on Twitter.
“If your goal is killing Abu Sayyaf, then our goal is killing Obama and the worshippers of the cross, We have attacks coming against you,” the message read.

The operation’s goal was to capture Sayyaf, considered by the U.S. as a high valued target for intelligence on ISIS business operations and because of his close ties to their leader Abu al-Baghdadi.

However, once the shooting began in the town of Al-Amr and the Delta team scrapped the plan and quickly dispatched Sayyaf and 13 other fighters, officials said.

The raid marked the first U.S. ground operation targeting ISIS forces inside Syria. Last summer, U.S. forces attempted an unsuccessful operation to rescue American hostages held in Syria.

Sayyaf was trailed by U.S. intelligence to the eastern Syrian city officials said. President Obama approved the operation after being briefed by his national security aides.

Officials said the commandos freed the teenaged Yazidi girl held as a slave by the Sayyafs after 20 minutes of intense hand-to-hand combat around the compound.

U.S. intelligence officials say Sayyaf has remained a shadowy figure. However, he has played an intricate part in the Islamic State’s lucrative oil sales business.

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