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Mafia Boss in Sicily Vows to Kill 9-Year-old Son of Magistrate Judge

May 17, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mafia Boss in Sicily Vows to Kill 9-Year-old Son of Magistrate Judge

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Italian law enforcement officials have given the highest security detail to the nine-year-old son of an Italian judge in Sicily. According to Italian officials, wiretaps picked up a notorious mafia boss issuing a vow of death against the magistrate judge ‘and all his spawn’.

Several informers uncovered the plan; at least one of them is considered a very reliable source. Italian law enforcement officials confirmed the threat with wire-tap conversations between the boss and family members, which he referred to an attack currently in preparation.

The Sicilian oath of death was issued by the enraged bloodthirsty mafia boss after the prosecutor obstructed a plan he had to avoid jail. According to an Italian Intelligence, The mafia boss, concocted a plan to pose as a turncoat in a bid to avoid prison while continuing to run the crime syndicate.

The names of the magistrate’s family or which boss issued the hit has been withheld due to the danger related to the situation.

Wiretaps picked up the boss ordering the assassination of the prosecutor. The Mobster ruthlessly is heard telling on of his top lieutenants: ‘You have to do it no matter who he’s with, and if his male child is there, all the better. I Don’t want his spawn to survive, either.’

The Italian Ministry of Order and Public Safety considers the boy’s along with his mother and 12-year-old sister at “very high risk.”

Fugitive boss Matteo Messina Denaro is not believed to be linked to the current threat

Fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro, who is not believed to be linked to the current threat, is one of the most senior Cosa Nostra Bosses in Sicily

The Cosa Nostra mobster is believed to be ‘one of the most bloodthirsty’ in all of Sicily, according to Italian media. The Italian military has provided a 24-hour armed security detail, and anti-bomb surveillance in the all the places they visit regularly.

A statement by ANM, the Italian magistrates association, said that the new danger to the magistrate and his family in Sicily showed ‘the daily commitment and sacrifice’ made by its members.

The association expressed its ‘condemnation of the vile plan’ and its ‘unconditional solidarity with its colleague and his family”

There is speculation as to which boss could have issued the threat.

Matteo Messina Denaro is one of the most senior mafia bosses in Sicily. He has been on the run for more than 20 years and was convicted in his absence for the 1993 bomb attacks that killed 10 people in Rome, Florence and Milan.

Corleone boss Toto Rina is one of the most violent bosses in the history of organized crime

Corleone boss Toto Rina is one of the most violent bosses in the history of organized crime

Italian authorities received two anonyamous letters in 2014 detailing a plot by Denaro to kill prosecutor Nino Di Matteo. However, despite the plot the fugitive boss is not thought to be linked to this case.

The ruthless jailed boss of the Corleonesi, Toto Rina known as “The Beast” for his ruthless murder campaign that reached a climax in the early 90’s, after he ordered the murders of two antimafia prosecutors Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. The killings caused national public outrage and led to a major crackdown by the Italian Government.

Experts say it is unlikely Rina could be involved in this latest incident. However, he did issue a threat to kill three prosecutors from his cell in 2013.

Although the American Mafia forbids the murder of women and children, the rule does not apply with their Italian Mafia breathren. This was evident after the 2014 murders of two toddlers in separate incidents in Calabria and Puglia.

Leading mafia writer Corrado De Rossa said that the two murders and this latest threat, “is the umpteenth demonstration of the fact that a Mafia code of honour does not exist”.

“People often say that bosses don’t touch women or children. It’s not true, their is no honor among these people, it’s a myth” he said.


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