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Members of the Jalisco Cartel Received Training from Former U.S. Soldiers

May 17, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Members of the Jalisco Cartel Received Training from Former U.S. Soldiers

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According to Mexican law enforcement officials quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Members of the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel (CJNG) in Mexico received paramilitary training from foreign military veterans, including former soldiers from the United States.

Similarly to another high-profile narco- criminal group, the Los Zetas, whose original members were army deserters who received training by the U.S.Army in Fort Benning, Georgia.

The Law enforcement sources explained to the Wall Street Journal how foreign mercenaries trained the New Generation Jalisco Cartel. Training included the use of rocket-propelled grenades, which is how cartel members managed to shoot down a Mexican military helicopter on May 1st, killing five Mexican soldiers.

“Former members of the Kaibiles, Guatemala’s feared army special forces, and Mexican military veterans have given strategic and paramilitary training to the syndicate.” According to Alejandro Solorio, who is the Mexican state public security commissioner.

In addition, arrested cartel members have revealed that an American veteran who Solorio described as “a very aggressive, very wild U.S. Marine” has also been training the group’s gunmen.

“We believe he was paid a fortune to give them training,” he added.

The CJNG also has a military type hierarchy system modeled after the armed forces, claimed retired Mexican Air Force captain Alfonso Quintero.

According to the WSJ, the government discovered the group’s capabilities after Mexican soldiers seized makeshift gun factories in the mountainous areas in Jalisco where the Cartel assembles their own AR-15 assault rifles.

Mexico’s right-leaning President Enrique Peña Nieto declared war against the cartel, following last week’s shootdown of a military helicopter. Although the militarized approach has had, success taking down may of the narco kingpins. An estimated 70-100,000 people have died since the start of Mexico’s “War on Drugs” in 2006, declared by former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, with thousands more who have disappeared.

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