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Biker War In Waco Was A Setup: Police

May 18, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Biker War In Waco Was A Setup: Police

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The deadly confrontation between five biker gangs that resulted in 9 members dead and 18 seriously injured with over 170 arrests at a Waco, Texas restaurant, was a setup, planned by one of the gangs, involved.

The incident started out as a fist fight in the bathroom at the Twin Peaks Bar and Grill just after noon Sunday. However, it quickly escalated into an all-out war in the parking lot involving chains, clubs, knives and gunfire.

Many of the Restaurant workers and diners including young children took refuge in the freezer as hundreds of rival bikers rampaged around the booths inside the establishment, according to KXXV.

Outside in the parking lot, members of the SWAT team shot and killed least one biker. Once the gunshots halted, bullet-riddled bodies laid on the tarmac.

Police announced the arrests of 200 people, charged with organized crime charges in connection with capital murder charges.

“In 34 years of law enforcement, this is the worst crime scene, the most violent crime scene that I have ever been involved in. There were dead bodies everywhere, blood everywhere,” Waco police Sgt W Patrick Swanton said at a Sunday press conference.

Swanton also faulted the Twin Peaks restaurant, for not cooperating with officers who asked the establishment to monitor the situation.

“If you have a police department asking for your assistance as a business, you ought to pay attention If you don’t bad things can happen, as evidenced here today,” he said on Monday. ‘

Witnesses described how the quiet shopping strip turned into a chaotic war zone Sunday. “There were maybe 30 guns being fired in the parking lot, maybe 100 rounds, They started to open fire. There’s a lot of people in the hospital, a lot of people shot,”patron, Michelle Logan, 37, told the Waco Tribune.

“I didn’t get the impression this was a random confrontation, It was a setup,” Logan said.

Investigators said they believed one of the gangs arranged a meeting with the other as part of the setup. According to the Waco Tribune, Police sources said based on the leather patches, it was a fight between the Cossacks and the Bandidos. However, members of the Scimitars, Los Pirados, the Veterans, and the Leathernecks also took part in the carnage.

Deputies warned off individuals who were still arriving with weapons.
“We are prepared to deal with those individuals if they come to Waco. We are not horse playing. If we have the opportunity to put those individuals in jail, we will arrest them and keep them there,” Swanton warned.

According to local media outlets, after the incident, Police arrested a large number of bikers outside the Waco Convention Center after the incident.

Law enforcement officers confiscated over 100 weapons at the scene, including knives, brass knuckles, and clubs.

Police arrested 170 suspects arrested who were ordered held in lieu of $1 million bonds Monday while investigators continued the painstaking process of gathering evidence at the crime scene.

By early afternoon about a third of the suspects had been booked into the McLennan County Jail. All 170 will be processed into the jail, Sheriff Parnell McNamara said Monday, although some may later be transferred to other facilities.

Affidavits and arrest warrants totaled more than 500 pages, an official said.

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