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Michigan Jury Finds Sicko Nurse Guilty of Strangling and Dismembering Son

May 19, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Michigan Jury Finds Sicko Nurse Guilty of Strangling and Dismembering Son

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A jury in Michigan found a registered nurse who strangled, dismembered, and dumped her 32-year-old son’s remains stuffed in garbage bags across a Michigan rural highway guilty of first-degree murder. It took jurors in Macomb County less than two hours to convict Donna Scrivo, 61, in the horrific January 2014 killing of her son Ramsay Scrivo on Monday.

Scrivo testified during the trial that an armed masked man took her hostage forced her to help kill her son, which included carrying bags filled with the chopped up remains of Ramsay out of the house.

“I’m not the mother of the year. I have multiple problems,” Scrivo said. “I think I did everything to protect the rest of my family. I did everything he told me to,” Scrivo said in court.

Along with the remains, Investigators discovered an electric saw in one of the bags .

Scrivo claimed a mystery man held her hostage for five days in her St. Clair Shores condo, cuffed with a scarf as a gag.

“You actually want the jury to believe that story?” Assistant Prosecutor William Cataldo asked Scrivo at the start of his cross-examination, The Detroit Free Press reported.

“Yes,” Scrivo replied.

Prosecutors alleged Scrivo bought a saw at Lowe’s and then dismembered her son’s body in the bathtub. Some of the remains police found were charred.

Defense lawyer Mark Haddad said his 110-pound client couldn’t lift the body of her 235-pound son into a bathtub and questioned why she would mutilate him.

“She would have to be the stupidest murderer in the world unless she were forced,” Haddad said. “Unless she was directed at gunpoint to do these seemingly stupid things.”

Scrivo reported her son missing to the cops.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” Cataldo said in closing arguments. “It’s because Donna Scrivo is the murderer.”

Scrivo faces life without parole.

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