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24 Year-old Arizona Woman Who Used Internet to Seduce Teenage Boys Sentenced To 10 Years for

May 21, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
24 Year-old Arizona Woman Who Used Internet to Seduce Teenage Boys Sentenced To 10 Years for

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A 24-year-old Arizona woman who used alcohol and drugs to have sex with three boys she met while posing as a teenager online was sentenced 10 years in prison Wednesday.

Anna Areola-Hernandez, 24, also received lifetime probation after pleading guilty to three counts of child molestation, according to The Republic. The scene was incredibly emotional for the mothers of victims who cursed at the defendant and demanded a longer prison sentence.

“You’re a child molester, Anna,” the mother of one victim screamed at her as police escorted the mother out of the courtroom. “F–k you too.”

“She should not be let out, ever,” the mother of a boy under the age of 15 who contracted chlamydia from her abuser said. “She bullied these kids. She would not let go.”

Areola-Hernandez used the nickname “Tiny Hernandez” when using social media and apps like Facebook, Kik, Snapchat and Tango to find her victims, the newspaper reported.

Areola-Hernandez burst into tears in the Phoenix courtroom as the mothers described her as a bully and professional stalker who used alcohol and drugs to prey on their children, the outlet reported.

“You’re a child molester, Anna. F–k you too.”

In a statement she apologized to the victims and said she planned to attend schooling and recovery programs during her lengthy prison stint.

Defense attorney Eleanor Knowles said her client, whose IQ is in the first percentile, was unable to form healthy relationships with men her age because of a long history of serious trauma and untreated mental illness, the newspaper reported.

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