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North Carolina Man Strips Naked at Airport After U.S. Airways Oversold His Flight

May 21, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
North Carolina Man Strips Naked at Airport After U.S. Airways Oversold His Flight

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This dude has quite a tan line.

The US Airways employees wouldn’t let an elderly man on a flight no matter how naked he got.

A man who was denied to board his flight to Jamaica decided to strip down to his birthday suit in a bizarre protest. Witnesses whipped out their phones and snapped photos of the naked man, who was repeatedly denied to board the flight to Jamaica on Wednesday in Charlottes Douglas International airport.

According to 38-year-old Charlotte native Sherry Ketchie, 38, as she arrived at the gate to board a flight to Greensboro N.C. She witnessed the man wearing a plain t-shirt, jean shorts arguing with an airline employee who just broke the news that they oversold his flight.

“The more the employee explained, the angrier he got, He just kept screaming, crossing his arms while repeatedly saying ‘I’m not leaving,” Ketchie said.

He then decided to use his hands to remove his shirt, exposing his bare chest.

Ketchie explained, “The man then walked into the bathroom and came out completely naked.” The sight was even more bizarre because of his very noticeable  waist high tan line, which ranged down to his knees.


“He just left his clothing in the restroom and headed back to his fight,” Ketchie said.

“I was in shock,” she said. “I’ve never seen something like that in my life. The TV producer, who lives in England and was home for a few days for work, said the gathered audience had a mixed reaction.

“I was laughing so hard I was crying at first, But when I saw parents get their children out of the way I became concerned for their welfare,” she said. The naked man continued to argue about his cancellation until police officers arrived. That’s when he told police he took off his clothes because his body felt hot, Ketchie said.

Officers led him away in handcuffs but didn’t put anything else on the naked suspect, she said. Her pictures show him being led away through a crowd with his private parts exposed.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department did not return a call seeking comment but told TV Station WBTV the man “was suffering from a medical issue” and was taken for treatment. He will not face charges, the station reported.

Ketchie said she had no idea why he decided to remove his clothing.

“There was no reason to get so angry to strip in the nude,” she said. “I’m sure there were other flights he could have waited for.”

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