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Law Enforcement Agencies on High Alert as Hundreds of thousands of bikers from motorcycle gangs descend on festivals

May 22, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Law Enforcement Agencies on High Alert as Hundreds of thousands of bikers from motorcycle gangs descend on festivals

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Law enforcement officials are on alert as hundreds of thousands of bikers from numerous groups are expected to descend on a number bike festivals in multiple states this weekend.

One such festival will take place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina called the Atlantic Beach Bikefest, and sparking fears of further violence between warring biker gangs.

Violence plagued Last year’s event after three people were shot dead and seven injured in the violence, which prompted a failed attempt by States Governors to ban the festivals.

Now in the wake of the events in Waco, Texas which saw nine motorcycle gang members killed with another 195 arrested, authorities are on high alert.

Police say an estimated 400,000 bikers are expected to attend the festival, from predominantly black motorcycle clubs from across the South, including Iron Coalition, from Florida, and the Ground Pounders, from Houston.

Although the police haven’t released the number of officers that will monitor the event, they did confirm that law enforcement agencies from 40 different agencies across South Carolina, Florida and Georgia will maintain a presence.

Some South Carolina officials did reveal that say there will be three times the police presence it had last year, which eight shootings took place leaving three people dead.

Atlantic Police have set up a 23-mile, one-way driving loop with dozens of cameras lined all along the Grand Strand to help Police monitor for trouble.

Atlantic Beach Police Chief Timothy Taylor said: ‘What happened in Texas is a whole lot different than what’s going to be happening here in Atlantic Beach so I don’t think that’s an issue we need to worry about.
‘If biker gangs do come in, we are going to shadow them and see what they are up to.’

New Mexico Police are greatly increasing their presence at the Red River Motorcycle Rally, which will have 20,000 bikers expected to attend, among them will be Banditos club members.

Red River Town Marshal David Smith said 50 officers will patrol the area near the Colorado border, but he doesn’t believe there will not be any incidents. connected to the Waco event. Following Sunday’s violence, festival organizers took to social media to calm tensions at this year’s rally.

The world’s single day biggest biker event will take place this Memorial Day weekend in Washington D.C. and is expected to draw an estimated 1 million bikers from clubs across the country

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