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“He died in my hands” Older brother tried to save Bronx teen shot 16 times in gang-related murder

May 25, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
“He died in my hands” Older brother tried to save Bronx teen shot 16 times in gang-related murder

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Christian Duran woke up to find himself in a nightmare.

The 17-year-old Bronx youth was about to fall back asleep Friday morning when he heard the devastating news that kid brother Christopher was ambushed by a lone gunman outside their apartment.

“He died in my hands,” the brother said Saturday at a street memorial for his slain sibling. “I threw on everything and ran downstairs. I just saw him on the floor.”

Baby-faced Christopher took 16 bullets from a shooter in a hoodie and a red bandana, cops said. The two apparently knew each other from a prior beef, and the gunman emptied his clip into the helpless kid, cops said.


Police sources said investigators strongly believe the killing was gang-related and are looking into the possibilty that Christian could have been the intended target. Now Police officials hope the shooting doesn’t ignite a war between local crews.

The morning murder was the first of twin Friday tragedies for the family: another of Christopher’s relatives also died Friday in the Dominican Republic.

“They’re not doing so good,” said Jesus Mendoza, the slain youth’s uncle.

Christian — wearing a white T-shirt with his brother’s picture on the front — was joined by other family members at a gathering to honor the murdered 14-year-old.

Relatives wept, hugged and lit candles outside the apartment building where the youth lived with his family. Witnesses said his last words were, “Mommy! Mommy!”

Two floral crosses and a bouquet of balloons were hung on the wall of 1181 Sheridan Ave. Above some votive candles.

According to police sources, Duran's older brother (seen being held back by their father), who is in a gang, was the real target.

According to police sources, Duran’s older brother (seen being held back by their father), who is in a gang, was the real target.

Both the gunman, who was known to cops, and an unidentified accomplice remained on the lam Saturday despite a gruesome surveillance video that captured the point-blank shooting.

A building superintendent said cops confiscated the footage.

Cops were scouring buildings along College Ave. Between E. 168th St. and E. 179th St. in the hunt for the killer.

Our innocents are becoming bystanders. It’s kids killing kids.
Christian Duran said his brother left the apartment earlier than usual Friday for his walk to middle school.

When Christian reached the shooting scene, he saw the blood pouring from Christopher’s head — and tried to stanch it with his shirt.

“When I wrapped it around his head, he was bleeding even more,” recalled the older brother, who tried in vain to rescue his dying brother. There are four Duran boys, and Christian is the oldest.


The dying child’s mother joined Christian on the sidewalk after the fatal bullets were fired.

Residents of Morrisania echoed cops in saying the youngster’s death was the result of gang violence — and they feared reprisals.

“All our kids are in danger,” said one woman. “Our innocents are becoming bystanders. It’s kids killing kids.” Christian denied that his brother — who had five arrests on a variety of charges — was killed because of gang ties.

“He used to box, come home from school,” said Christian. “He was into boxing. He wouldn’t even believe in shooting. Everything they’re saying is a lie.”

Christian added that his family’s summer trips to the Dominican Republic were vacations and not attempts to save his kid brother from the lethal lure of the local streets.

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