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Military Jets Escort Air France Flight into JFK Airport After Anonyamous Tip Regarding a Chemical Weapon on Board

May 25, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Military Jets Escort Air France Flight into JFK Airport After Anonyamous Tip Regarding a Chemical Weapon on Board

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Authorities say U.S. military jets have escorted an Air France airliner to New York’s Kennedy Airport after a threat was made against the flight.

The FBI says the jets scrambled Monday morning after an anonymous caller claimed a chemical weapon was aboard the aircraft.

Authorities say the airliner landed safely and a through search turned up no chemical weapons.

Law enforcement sources tell Fox 5 that they are concerned about a possible plot to disrupt and delay air travel in the New York area on the last day of the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Two other incoming JFK flights reported the same concerns — one a Saudi Airlines flight, and the other an American Airlines flight.

Two other incoming flights at Newark Liberty Airport will be subject to special screening and weapons detection. One called in a possible bomb threat, and the other a similar “chemical weapons” threat.

All flights in question, at both JFK and Newark Liberty were cleared by Monday afternoon. All were found not to have any sort of weapon on board.

The anonymous threat was made via a telephone call to a Maryland State Police barracks on Monday morning, the police said, according to Reuters.

“The caller made a bomb threat involving commercial aviation,” the Maryland State Police said in a statement.

A spokesman for the FBI’s New York office said the plane was escorted to JFK by U.S. Air Force fighter jets “out of an
abundance of caution” following a phone threat.

The plane landed, de-boarded and was cleared with no incidents or hazards reported by passengers or crew, said J. Peter Donald, the FBI spokesman said to the news agency.

Air France didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

A U.S. military spokesperson said that there were no additional threats against commercial airliners received.

Monday’s incident was the first time U.S. fighter planes have escorted a private airplane or commercial aircraft since Feb. 13, when two F-15s followed a general aircraft that was out of communication while flying in a restricted area near San Francisco.

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