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Mexican Drug Cartel member in the U.S. Illegally pleads guilty to kidnapping in Texas

May 29, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican Drug Cartel member in the U.S. Illegally pleads guilty to kidnapping in Texas

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A cartel member in the U.S. illegally with four previous convictions pleaded guilty in connection with a kidnapping in a Texas border city, on the direct orders from his cartel bosses in Mexico.

The abduction took place in January. According to court documents, Martin Margarito Casimiro and 17-year-old Silvestre Lopez held two men at gunpoint, identified as Gustavo Burr and Andres Reyes at a North McAllen house.

The kidnapping was ordered by cartel bosses in Mexico over a $300k drug debt owed to a Mexican drug boss. Court records didn’t reveal which Mexican cartel ordered the kidnapping.

One of the men managed to escape and get help after Lopez fell asleep.
Homeland Security took over Margarito’s case from McAllen Police, who initially detained the suspects. Lopez prosecution remains in state courts.

Police first charged Margarito with one count of an undocumented resident in possession of firearms. However, as the case transpired, the Feds managed to charge him in a superseding indictment with one count of conspiracy to take a hostage, two counts of kidnapping, and the original weapons charge.

At the time of the arrest, police officers seized a Lorcin .25 caliber handgun, a Highpoint .45 caliber and an AR-15, court records revealed.
Margarito pled guilty to one count of kidnapping this week in front of U.S. District Judge Micaela Alvarez. Sentencing is scheduled for August, where he faces a possible life sentence.

Margarito admitted during the hearing to holding a handgun to one victim’s head while demanding payment, and further admitted to coordinating the kidnapping.

Margarito is originally from Camargo Tamaulipas, Mexico. He was deported at least four times prior to this latest arrest, court records revealed

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