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Jailed Club Kid Michael Alig: “Prison is the best place to do drugs”

June 19, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Jailed Club Kid Michael Alig: “Prison is the best place to do drugs”

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Former club kid and convicted killer Michael Alig — who spent three years in the Clinton Correctional Facility from which Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped — told the New York Post that besides rampant sex inside the joint, “There are more drugs in prison than outside.”

Alig, was a legend in the New York club scene where he worked at the famous Limelight in the 1990’s. He served 17 years for the murder of his pal, drug dealer Angel Melendez, in 1996.

Alig explained that the best place to score the drugs is in solitary confinement.

“If there’s any place it makes sense to do drugs, it’s prison because you have no responsibility and you want to waste as much time as possible,” he told us. “I’ve never known a place that was better for doing drugs than solitary confinement.”

The drug dealers were “the porters that serve the food. The porters without exception are drug dealers. And if they’re not drug dealers when they get the job, they are after they get the job.”

Alig is the focus of Ramon Fernandez’s new film, “Glory Daze: The Life and Times of Michael Alig,” premiering Saturday, also starring Michael Musto and Amanda Lepore.

He went on to explain to the Post how prisoners scored drugs in solitary, “It’s your only contact with humans. You tell them what you want, they put it in your tray of food, and you’re set.”

Some reports have linked Matt and Sweat to Mexican drug cartels since Matt spent years in a Matamoros prison controlled by the Gulf Cartel.

Alig went on reveal: “It’s easier to have sex with a woman [at the Dannemora prison] than it is to have sex with a man.”

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