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Texas girl holding toddler beaten by teen as other teens cheer (WARNING – GRAPHIC VIDEO)

June 28, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Texas girl holding toddler beaten by teen as other teens cheer (WARNING – GRAPHIC VIDEO)

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Police in the Dallas suburb of Rowlett say the family of the 13-year-old who assaulted the other girl earlier this month behind an elementary school will soon deliver her to authorities, who aren’t releasing the juvenile’s name.

The toddler, who was there because her 14-year-old relative was looking after her on the night of June 19, suffered minor injuries in the melee, KTVT-TV reported. Police are trying to identify the individual who filmed the graphic cell phone video and appears to be one of several teens who, far from intervening, enjoyed the grotesque spectacle as one girl threw the toddler’s babysitter to the ground by the hair and punched her repeatedly, according to the TV station.

Detectives had been examining the incident for several days before the video showed up on LiveLeak earlier this week, the TV station reported.

The 1-minute video starts with a pair of girls confronting the victim as the child sits on her lap and another girl sits next to her on a bench. “Get up,” the later assailant says to the girl. “I’m not playing with you, for real.”

A male bystander says to another one about the victim, “She’s gonna keep that baby so she doesn’t get her a– beat.” The pair then tell a male also standing near the victim to “take the baby out” to get the toddler out of the way in the footage.

Officials with the Rowlett Police Department said Saturday that the family of the girl shown assaulting the other “is now cooperating and making arrangements to deliver the suspect” after an earlier period of “hiding,” according to a post on the department’s Facebook page. Injuring a child younger than 14 is a third-degree felony, Det. Cruz Hernandez told a local TV station, noting the one-sided nature of the brawl.

“She didn’t want to fight,” Hernandez said of the victim. “You can see that on the video. She remains seated. She doesn’t see a reason to fight.”

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