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The Queen of Cocaine is all about making money, not war, A inside look how the female leader of a drug cartel conducts business

July 10, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
The Queen of Cocaine is all about making money, not war, A inside look how the female leader of a drug cartel conducts business

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Translated  article published From Blog Del Narco

The once powerful Arellano Felix brothers cartel, who at one time controlled the border city of Tijuana has seen a tragic fall: The eldest, Francisco Rafael, was killed at a party by a murderer dressed as a clown. His brother Ramon, was shot dead by police during a seaside carnival. Since the remaining seven family members are either in jail or dead, a woman has taken command of the organization, according to Time Magazine.

Enedina Arellano Felix known as “La Jefa” one of the sisters of the Arellano Felix clan is in charge of the Tijuana Cartel, responsible for trafficking cocaine, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine to the United States, US and Mexican law enforcement agents say.

The new cartel queen is 50 years old and had took over the cartel alongside her one of her surving brothers, Fernando Sanchez Arellano, alias “El Ingeniero” but that partnership ended in June 2014, after he was arrested as he sat and watched the Mexican National Team play in the World Cup.

“Edina once asked her brother Fernando Sanchez Arellano, alias “El Ingeniero” “Are you interested in making money, or war?”

According to Time, in 2008, her brother Eduardo Arellano Felix was engulfed in a brutal turf war. But after police arrested him, Fernando Sanchez Arellano took the reins with Enedina at his side, said Mike Vigil, former head of international operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

“La Jefa” asked her brother when they assumed leadership: ” Are you interested in making money or war.” Under the new leadership the brother and sister reduced the violence and returned the cartel to the traditional business of smuggling drugs to the US, says Vigil.

“She does not interested in fighting  wars against rival cartels like her brothers. “La Jefa” would rather make alliances, it’s better for business, she’s about makeing money,” said Vigil, who spent 13 years in Mexico, working undercover.

Vigil added, “Her beauty and her woman’s touch also helped bridge an alliance with one time rival and the most powerful trafficker of them all El Chapo Guzman” Boss of the Sinaloa Cartel.

“Enedina is not the cruel bully or the lady obsessed with power and beauty. She is elusive, calculated, discreet in her business dealings and she is highly intelligent,” said journalist Ricardo Ravelo in a recent research article published in 2011.


Francisco Arellano Felix had his life sentence cut a little over 23 years for cooperating with the DEA against other drug lords

While there have been other female drug traffickers since the 1920s, Enedina, known as The Chief, or the boss, is the first to lead an entire cartel.

Enedina Arellano Felix has not only survived the fall of her brothers, but she has also survived the downfall of many other cartel kingpins, including Joaquin El Chapo Guzman and her other brother Francisco Javier Arellano Felix.

On June 19th Francisco, who faced a sentence of life in prison, was granted a reduced sentence from life in prison to 23-1/2 years by the US government for his cooperation against other drug traffickers, which helps explain how the U.S. and Mexican Governments gained the recent influx of intelligence.

The United States last week added Edina Arrellano Felix on the State Department’s Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act, which forbids an U.S. entity from conducting business with Felix and freezes any assets she may have in the U.S.

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