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NYC Prep School Teacher Arrested After Having Sex With Student, 16, In Manhattan Night Club

August 1, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
NYC Prep School Teacher Arrested After Having Sex With Student, 16, In Manhattan Night Club

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According to Police, a New York City prep school health teacher was busted Thursday for having sex with a drunk teenage student in the bathroom of a Manhattan nightclub.

David Azurmendi, who taught at the posh Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, was arrested and charged with third-degree rape, sources said.

Azurmendi’s wife watched in shock during his arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court, as her husband’s lawyer argued his client denied knowing the victim was 16 or a student when he met her at the East Village nightclub.

“He goes to clubs and you would assume that anyone in the club is over age,” defense lawyer Aaron Wallenstein said. “This is not somebody my client knew as far as being a student or anything like that.”

Wallenstein called Azurmendi a “very respected member of the education community” before bail was set at $5,000.


Azurmendi in court during his arraignment

The 34-year-old Azurmendi, who stood in front of the judge wearing a red University of Georgia T-shirt, said nothing in court.

The charges he is now facing, which could could be career ending, comes after he accepted a new position at The Greenwood School, an expensive private boarding school for boys in Putney, Vt.

However, according to the Daily News, the school’s Headmaster Stewart Miller told newspaper outlet they no longer want him at the school.

“We are taking steps to sever our relationship with David,” Miller said in an email. “He is not coming to campus nor will he be employed here. Our sympathies go to the victim and her family.”

Azurmendi, who is a married father of two, taught at Léman for three years and his last day was June 19 — the same day he allegedly gave the teenage girl a sex educaton lesson.

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Police arrested Azurmendi at his Summit, N.J.home after a school principle tippped off authorities. Azurmendi, he admitted to investigators at the Manhattan Specials Victims unit during questioning, he had sex with the girl, sources said.

A half-filled U-Haul truck followed by a Jeep SUV were pulling away the Azurmendi home when reporters arrived. They drove to a well-appointed home in Chatham, N.J., where Azurmendi’s wife, Mattie, was waiting on the front lawn.

When a reporter tried to speak with the wife, a hostile young man who had been in the truck barred the way.

“He’s not here, that’s all, you can go away,” he said.

Contrary to what his lawyer said in court, Azurmendi told cops he crossed the line after the victim invited him to meet her and some friends at the Lit Lounge, an artsy hot spot on Second Ave., police sources said.

The teenager admitted she had been drinking before she joined Azurmendi in the bathroom, they said.

The illegal sexual tryst might have remained their secret if the teen hadn’t told a male friend about the incident, who alerted the principal.

The victim told police she did not have classes with Azurmendi and that she met him through a friend who was in his home room, sources said.

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