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Cold-Blooded Florida Woman Brutally Murderd Father, Young Child, Then Hid Bodies

August 3, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Cold-Blooded Florida Woman Brutally Murderd Father, Young Child, Then Hid Bodies

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A Florida woman fabricated a missing persons story to cover up the brutal murders of her father and young 6-year-old daughter authorities said.

“This is the face and the eyes of a cold-blooded murderer,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said at a press conference as he held up a picture of the mother’s cold-blooded face.

Police arrested 25-year-old Cheyanne Jessie early Sunday evening after discovering the remains of her 50-year-old father, Mark Weekly, and her 6-year-old daughter, Meredith Jessie, in a neighbor’s shed.

The body parts of the victims were found stuffed into storage bins on the Lakeland property of the neighbor next to her father’s property, who was away on vacation.

Authorities said the woman admitted she learned the tactic by watching an episode of the fictional CBS television series “Criminal Minds.”

Judd said Jessie “viciously murdered” her daughter she didn’t love, because she felt she would get in the way of a blossoming relationship with a new boyfriend.

“I know she didn’t like her daughter too much. I do know that,” Ruby Poore, a family friend, told WFTV-TV. “She’s always getting into trouble. She’s a handful.”

“We can’t understand in our minds how someone could murder their 6-year-old baby girl and murder their dad,” Judd said. “But that’s exactly what she did and she showed no emotion.”

Investigators said Jessie showed a cold blooded demeanor, failing to shed a single tear over the horrific deaths of her father and daughter during the interrogation.


According to Judd, the timeline to the murders began on July 18, when the murders likely occurred, which Investigators believe took place In between cashier shifts at a nearby big-box store where she worked.

Jessie found the time to come back four days later in July 22nd, with a shovel and get rid of their decomposing bodies.

Family and friends relatives conducted a search for the whereabouts of Weekly and little Meredith, which allegedly led Jessie to call authorities on Saturday with what she would spin as a missing person report.

She claimed Weekly, emotional after a terminal cancer diagnosis, ran off to spend his remaining months with his grandchild in Georgia, but detectives quickly regarded her claim as suspicious.

“Things don’t smell right. Literally. They don’t smell right,” Judd said.
A “foul odor” permeated throughout the home that Jessie attributed to rotten meat left in a sink and a dead raccoon in the bushes.

No carcass of a rotting raccoon was ever found, but rather a blood-soaked floor and a couch covered in slash marks.

As of Sunday, autopsy results had been completed, but relatives took to Facebook to say both victims were found shot to death near the home. Authorities also believe a knife was used.

“The question is, did (Meredith) first witness the vicious murder of her grandfather,” Judd asked as the press conference.

Jessie faces two counts of murder in the deaths of her daughter and father.

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