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Work of “Chapo”? Narco Tunnel Discovered In Tijuana

August 3, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Work of “Chapo”? Narco Tunnel Discovered In Tijuana

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Mexican authorities discovered an unfinished narco tunneljust two blocks from the U.S.-Mexico border – the third such tunnel discovered in the area this year.

Officials said the discovery was made after someone called in an anonymous tip regarding a tunnel inside an import-export business in Tijuana’s Colonia Nueva neighborhood. The area is just across the border from Otay Mesa, to the east of the Tijuana airport.

The unfinished tunnel, in the border city of Tijuana, is believed to have been built by the Sinaloa cartel with the aim of smuggling drugs into the US.

The Mexican Army was seen standing outside the building Thursday night, and they continued to guard it Friday, waiting to obtain a search warrant so they could enter.

No arrests have been made at this point.

Officials would not say how long the tunnel was, but they did confirm it had not crossed into the U.S.

When asked if he feels nervous about the drug activity going on across the border, U.S. resident Adrian Garcia said, “The only thing they are trying to do is bring their stuff inside the United States, and that’s it, but I don’t think they are like killers or whatever, so I don’t feel insecure.”

Authorities won’t let anyone into the tunnel until Monday at the earliest.
In April, two smuggling tunnels were busted in Tijuana.

Nine people were arrested when the first was found on April 7 near the Tijuana airport.

A more sophisticated system that crossed the border was discovered on April 28.

Last month Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman, the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, escaped from a maximum security jail through a 1.5km-long (1 mile) tunnel.
Guzman, one of the world’s most wanted drug dealers, is still on the run.

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