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Kentucky Sheriff Wants Drug Dealers to Rat Out Their Competition

August 4, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Kentucky Sheriff Wants Drug Dealers to Rat Out Their Competition

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“There’s one way to get rid of your competion”

The sheriff in Franklin County, Ky is asking drug dealers to rat out their competition.

So if drug dealers are sick of having to chase the same nickel, the sheriff is offering a solution to grab a bigger piece of the market share. Rat them out by mail.

The Franklin County sheriff’s office has posted a short form flier on Facebook.

The flier appeals to the areas drug dealers in big letters which reads: “Attention Drug Dealers, We offer a free service to help you eliminate your competition!”

Dealers who are interested in snitching can fill out the form using information about their competitors — like name, home and cell numbers, a residential address — and send it to the sheriff’s office. Because even drug dealers cannot escape paperwork, apparently.

“If someone uses that (letter) to remove a drug dealer out of our community, then I’ll take it,” Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton told the Lexington Herald-Leader.

The newspaper reported that Melton got the idea from the McIntosh County (Ga.) sheriff’s office, which used the flier in an ad placed last week in the Darien News, according to Fox Carolina.

After the ad went viral, the newspaper took to Facebook to declare: “Advertising in The Darien News works!”

A McIntosh County deputy told the Fox affiliate last week that the ad had already generated a few tips.

Melton, the Kentucky sheriff, told the Herald-Leader that his own posting is likely to get some serious inquires, since “it’s getting a lot of play.”

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