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Shootouts, Roadblocks Between Factions of Gulf Cartel Locksdown Reynosa

August 5, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Shootouts, Roadblocks Between Factions of Gulf Cartel Locksdown Reynosa

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Cartel violence continued in Northern Mexico near the U.S. border as blockades and shootouts caused panic in the city of Reynosa.

The city was locked down as fire fights erutpted yesterday. Warring factions of the Gulf Cartel, who are battling for control of the organization’s drug operation, exchanged gunfire amongst themselves and security forces.

Mexican authorities arrested five gunmen. One of the gunmen who sustained minor injuries, was armed with various weapons.

Citizen journalists who reported the unofficial toll on social media, said the shootouts were so intense and the blockades were so spread out over various areas of the town that the Reynosa City Government issued an alert on social media.

The alert warned residents to stay clear of the Mil Cumbres neighborhood, the downtown area, the Libramiento highway Las Fuentes, Broncos Bridge and various other areas.

The Tamaulipas government released a statement release shortly after the shooting stopped, which said the violence had ceased because of a raid by Mexican Federal Police and the Mexican Military shortly after 2:30p.m. The fighting ending at around 4:30 p.m.

In their statement, the Tamaulipas government claimed that no one was injured or killed in the two hours of fighting. They reportedly seized a truck with weapons.

Comandante Toro

Just hours after that initial shooting citizen journalist began to report sporadic shootings later into the night.

A source in Reynosa claimed an attempt to capture the top leadership of the Gulf Cartel set off the violence. This included the man known as Comandante Toro. It appears that the operation was not successful.

The war between the Gulf cartel factions, happening just south of the Texas/Mexico border, has been ongoing for several months.

Source Breitbart Texas


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