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41 Reputed Members of Los Zetas Arrested In Mexico

August 6, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
41 Reputed Members of Los Zetas Arrested In Mexico

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From a report published in Proceso, translated by Borderland Beat.

Mexican security forces in the state of Tamaulipas conducted a major operation arresting 41 members, which make up two cells of the Los Zetas drug cartel, amongst the detainees were two ex-military members from El Salvador.

According to law enforcement officals, the captured Central Americans , identified as Luis Antonio Funes and Jose Miguel Angel Galvez,  both worked as hired Sicarios or hit men for the Zetas organization operating in Reynosa, and were paid 15 thousand pesos.

Along with the two former military men,  Federal Police captured Gloria Leticia Lopez Morales, who was with the two former Central American soldiers. She is believed to be the chief recruiter of foreign criminals for the Zetas..

The arrest of the three suspects took place at the Palo Blanco tollbooth section, on the Playa General Lauro Villar – Tijuana highway.

The woman admitted to police interrogators that her function was to recruit criminal foreigners, meanwhile the ex-military men indicated that they work as Sicarios and received pay equivalent to 15,000 pesos.

In a communication, a spokesman for the Tamaulipas government said that the detentions of the two ex-military and 39 other people derived from an operation carried out in three different regions of the state on July 21st.

State officials confirmed that personel from the SEDENA, the Federal Police, and the Tamaulipas Police Force first arrested 8 people in three raids, four of whom formed part of a band of kidnappers and extortionists that operate in the Towns of San Carlos, Padilla and Victoria.

In Reynosa, 13 suspected cartel operatives carrying firearms and radios were apprehended in the town of San Valentin, meanwhile in the Lomas Real Colonia, four men were arrested while trying to install cctv cameras to replace those recently removed by Police in Reynosa.

Military forces executed an operation, in the coastal region nabbing an additional 13 operatives, among them were 5 reputed Zetas members, who are known kidnappers.

In addition to the 41 arrests, authorities shut down 5 narco training camps, three of those in the Zetas stronghold of Nuevo Laredo and two more in Aldama.

Law enforcement officials say from January to August of this year, a total of 9 training camps had been decommissioned, in Nuevo Laredo, Aldama, Nuevo Guerrero and Ciudad Victoria.

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