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Authorities in New Jersey Arrest 44 Bloods Gang Members in Connection With Ongoing Drug Trafficking Investigation

August 6, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Authorities in New Jersey Arrest 44 Bloods Gang Members in Connection With Ongoing Drug Trafficking Investigation

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Law Enforcement officials have announced the arrests of dozens of suspects in connection with an ongoing investigation into multiple drug trafficking rings, which were operated by local members of the Bloods street gang.

In total, forty-four suspects have been arrested as a result of the so-called Operation Borderland investigation since the start of July, East Orange, NJ Police Chief William Robinson confirmed Tuesday.

Forty-two of them are members or affiliates of the Brick City Brim, Salem Street Gangsters and PIRU sets of the Bloods gang organization, he said.

The arrests mark the second mass drug trade takedown in Essex County since last month. On July 1, Essex County Prosecutor’s Office officials announced narcotics charges against 48 people in connection to a multi-jurisdictional investigation into an alleged gang-led heroin distribution ring.

As part of the investigation, East Orange and Newark police executed a dozen search warrants, seizing multiple quantities of marijuana, heroin and crack cocaine with an estimated street value of $53,780, officials said.

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Authorities also confiscated seven loaded firearms, $48,000 in cash and eleven vehicles investigators say were used in the narcotics distribution scheme.

The operation began in March, when members of the East Orange Police Department’s Violent Crimes Task Force identified several groups operating drug distribution networks along the city’s borders with Newark and South Orange.

In the months that followed, numerous controlled narcotics purchases were made from the individuals involved in the drug operations, officials said.

The various groups worked in loose collaboration with each other authorities said, conducting drug sales with the assurance that each would remain within their agreed upon territories.

“This was about three or four different cells saying basically ‘we’ve got this block, but don’t come onto our block,’ said East Orange Violent Crimes Task Force Commander Detective Lieutenant Rich Acosta. “Everyone had their own designated turf and there were loose agreements to prevent violence in order to keep the cops off the blocks.”

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In another attempt to escape police detection, investigators say suspects secured established various locations inside Newark and East Orange to house drugs, cash and guns, officials said.

The suspects would travel across the border to distribute the drugs by way of car delivery, walk-up sales and via residences throughout East Orange, officials said.

Neither the identities of the arrested suspects, nor the specific charges each was arrested on, was immediately made available.

Police have issued warrants for an additional 18 suspects in connection to Operation Borderland. All are still being sought by police, officials said.

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