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NYC Woman Stops Attacker From Raping Her By Paying Him $20 Dollars

August 9, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
NYC Woman Stops Attacker From Raping Her By Paying Him $20 Dollars

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A 24-year-old New York City woman prevented a rape near trendy McCarren Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by giving her attacker $20 dollars, cops said.

The woman was walking near Leonard Street and Bayard Street on Saturday around 11:20 p.m. when her attacker grabbed her by the throat and fondled her genitals, according to police.

As he assaulted her, the sick perp told the horrified woman “I’m going to have sex with you,” as he assaulted her, cops said.

The victim then offered the predator money not to rape her, which he agreed to.

The two walked to a nearby ATM and the woman paid off her would-be rapist with just $20, police said.

The victim was not seriously injured in the attack and refused medical attention at the scene, according to cops.

The suspect is still at large. He is identified as a black male, cops said.

“Definitely not something you would expect to hear about in this neighborhood,” resident Clarissa Brockway told PIX11. “Something tells me it wasn’t just about the money.”

The crowded McCarren Park is right across the street from where the victim first encountered her would-be rapist. The park technically closes at dusk but there are still many people out here in darkness .

It is quite a populated area after 11 pm when this would-be rapist struck a deal with his victim.

“I work during the day around here but I see it is very busy, crowded with people at night,” Maureen Mahoney told PIX11.

When told about the crime and the bribe, another passerby said “it seems like a different crime than rape.”


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