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Obama Critic Arrested For Stealing Sex Device

August 11, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Obama Critic Arrested For Stealing Sex Device

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A man arrested for stealing a vibrator by hiding it in his underpants told police he had no idea how the sex device got there, before stripping naked in his cell and shouting derogatory comments about President Obama.

Christopher Hucko, 44, was caught walking out of a suburban Chicago sex shop with a $48 Euphoria G-Spot Delight vibrator hidden in his underwear.

An employee of the store alerted police after she witnessed Hucko “put merchandise in his pants” and said she had noticed “a large bulge” in the suspect’s trousers.

But when confronted by police and asked what he had stuffed down his pants, he told police: “My penis.”

The Illinois man then told cop Antony Carone that he had a tattoo of a cherry on his penis and asked if he wanted to see it, reported The Smoking Gun.

A subsequent search of Hucko turned up the pink vibrator “under his boxers”.

After removing the stolen goods, Officer Carone reported that, “I asked Christopher how that got there, to which he replied that he had no idea.”

Later, while in an Orland Park Police Department holding cell, Hucko “stripped completely naked” and refused to ut his clothes back on, before subjected police personnel to “comments about his political views and derogatory comments about President Obama.”

After being given a Miranda rights consent form, Hucko signed his name as “Obama is a criminal” on the document.

Hucko, whose rap sheet includes multiple larceny arrests, was previously charged with retail theft in March of 2012, when he was allegedly “caught trying to drive home with an electric scooter shopping-cart belonging to a store”, reported Patch.com.

Hucko, who was also allegedly holding marijuana and a pot pipe, was charged with retail theft, possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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