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Gulf Cartel Boss Known As ‘El Chive’ Arrested By Mexican Security Forces

August 16, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Gulf Cartel Boss Known As ‘El Chive’ Arrested By Mexican Security Forces

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Blog Del Narco is reporting that Mexican Security Forces arrested the boss of the Gulf Cartel, identified as Silvestre Haro Rodriguez, alias El Chive on Friday.

According to government officals, Rodriguez allegdly runs the drug border crossing plaza in the metropolitan area of Tampico, Madero and Altamira.

Security forces detained the Gulf boss along with his brother Carlos Alberto Alvarez Diaz, known as R5 and seven other susects at the port of Tampico at the Hospital Centro EspaƱol de Tampico, located on Avenida Hidalgo.

Officals also revealed El Chive attempted to bribe the arresting police.

el chive hospital in tampico tamps

According to multiple news outlets, El Chive accompanied his brother to the hospital, who suffered the loss of a hand from an explosive device, which had detonated.

In addition to the arrests of Rodriguez and his brother, authorities also arrested his sister, Naomi Sarahi Haro Rodriguez along with Rosa Elena Diaz Acevedo, and Luis Alberto Diaz Gallegos. They are the parents of the injured Alvarez Diaz.

The associates arrested by authorities were Rigoberto Espinoza Martinez, Renzo Eduardo Yanez Saldana y Alex Hernandez Salazar.

Just last April, Haro Rodriguez fought off an attempt to capture him. During that firefight, his gunmen set up blockades all over the city and torched buses and cars to keep authorities at bay.

Various sources confirm that Haro Rodriguez had in fact been captured, but managed to bribe his way out, which is common in Tamaulipas.

According to Breitbart Texas, various high ranking cartel commanders have been arrested in the past only to be set free after paying hefty bribes.

chive 9

Police also confiscated a number of firearms including. seven rifles with chargers, five pistols, including one gold-plated, (in foto at left) five grenades, one thousand 873 cartridges and 59 magazines, three radios, three bags, and cell phones.

Also seized during the arrests were; a white Buick, a Mercedes Benz SUV with plates of Jalisco, a white truck with Colima plates and a white GMC pickup.

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