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Sinaloa Gunmen Execute Leader Of La Linea In Chihuahua

August 18, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Sinaloa Gunmen Execute Leader Of La Linea In Chihuahua

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According to Proceso, Hitmen for the Sinaloa Cartel ambushed and killed Rafael Chavira Renteria, “El Borrego”, the alleged leader of La Linea, which is the para-military wing of the Juarez Cartel in Chihuahua, Mexico on Sunday.

Law enforcement sources say La Lineas was in the middle of a dispute for theNorth East zone drug plaza with the Sinaloa Federation.

Another alleged hitman, identified as 20-year-old Christian Salcido, was executed as he was transported to hospital after the ambulance was ambushed.

Arturo Sandoval Figon, spokesman for the Attorney General of the State, confirmed that gunmen ambushed the ambulance as it transported the injured on the Ciudad Juarez hospital.

Figon said that the injured members of La Linea were executed. However, the Sinaloa hitmen spared the life of the paramedics.

During this past Sunday afternoon and night, gun battles were heard in the community of Carrizalillo, town of Buenaventura, and one of the groups took refuge in the scrub land of Benito Juarez, the community that has denounced the presence of organized crime.

Villagers of the Community of Buenaventura had pleaded for the presence of the authorities and the Ministerial Police, State Preventative Police responded.

The residents of the towns where the killings took place informed authorities that there were various dead and injured, among them El Borrego, and they assured that members of the two groups fighting utilized ambulances and police cars to carry their wounded.

Later the agents on scene found two more dead bodies and isolated the zone.

Police seized 14 vehicles used by the groups during the fight and were taken to Ciudad Juarez.

The murders of the La linea leader comes after the group posted pictures and a brazen message directed at the fugitive drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, where they threatened to cut the Sinaloa boss’s head off.

Figon refused to confirm whether the threatening message played a role in the execution of ‘El Borrego.’

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