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‘Monster’ Jared Vogle Wanted Woman To Install Cameras So He Could Watch Her Kids

August 22, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
‘Monster’ Jared Vogle Wanted Woman To Install Cameras So He Could Watch Her Kids

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Jared Fogle divulged his twisted desires to an ex TV journalist, even asking the mom to install home cameras so he could watch her young children, all while she wore a wire, the cunning FBI informant told CNN Thursday.

Rochelle Herman was the Florida newscaster who revealed Fogle had reportedly said, “Middle school girls are hot,” prompting Herman to tip off the FBI — before working for the agency undercover.

After Fogle, 37, copped to child porn possession, Herman went on Anderson Cooper 360 to discuss her four years wearing a wire and becoming Fogle’s confidante.

“He trusted me for unknown reasons,” she said, noting she’s a “comforting” personality. “People seem to take to me quite easily. He had said to me numerous times over the course of the years about having sex with minors.”

Herman said she “had to play a role” to earn Fogle’s trust, even when he said things that made her shudder.

“I had two young children at the time, and he talked to me about installing hidden cameras in their rooms and asked me if I would choose which child I would like him to watch,” she said.

He would tell me the ages he was interested, boy or girl,” said Herman. “He indicated the fact that he has done it before, and told me in gross detail what happened.”

Herman had said previously that she went to the FBI about Fogle’s crude comments about criminal sexual behavior with children.

“Jared Fogle is a monster,” said Herman, who first met him about a decade ago. “He’s a monster.”

Prosecutors said they will recommend a 151-month jail term for Fogle, who faces a minimum term of five years plus five years of supervised release.

Fogle’s wife Katie, in divorce papers filed while her husband was sitting in federal court, cited “an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage” for her action, according to US Weekly.

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