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Scorned Woman Arrested For Keying Friend’s Car With The Misspelled Word WORE

August 26, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Scorned Woman Arrested For Keying Friend’s Car With The Misspelled Word WORE

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A scorned Connecticut woman, convinced her boyfriend was cheating with her friend, was arrested for allegedly keying two cars with the word “wore,” which was an apparent failed attempt at spelling “whore.”

Shannon Csapilla, 20, bit back at critics via Instagram Tuesday posting, “Don’t worry, I’m not an English major” while acknowledging that what she did “wasn’t okay.”

After keying the cars and slashing their tires, Stamford police say Csapilla sent the owners, identified as an ex-boyfriend and a friend, harassing text messages, WTNH reported.

Some of the texts allegedly admitted to causing the damage which was apparently in revenge for a relationship she suspected the couple was having, police said.

Csapilla was called into the police department for questioning and on her way out allegedly sent a boastful Snapchat message to a friend reading, “Stamford police have nothing on me.”


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She additionally suggested receiving special treatment while there.

“At least the boys were nice enough to buy me dinner in there,” she tweeted with a picture of a cop car and French fries on Thursday.

That same day she was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree criminal mischief.

In her statement Tuesday, Csapilla asked that her punishment be handled by local authorities and not by “the general public.”

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