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On-air killer intended on making himself the lead story by recording horrific murders: WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT

August 27, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
On-air killer intended on making himself the lead story by recording horrific murders: WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT

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The Virginia ex-television reporter, carrying a handgun and a homicidal rage two years after his ugly firing, made himself the lead story — complete with shocking video, which he captured on cell phone video.

Former journalist turned killer Vester Lee Flanagan II emptied his gun into a 24-year-old ex-colleague and her cameraman from point-blank range Wednesday as a live audience watched the double homicide in horror.

The remorseless killer actually videotaped the 6:45 a.m. slaughter, posting a 56-second clip on Facebook and Twitter before killing himself as Virginia State Police closed in about five hours later.

“Bitch,” he hissed just seconds before squeezing off the first shot at reporter Alison Parker, seemingly waiting until the moment her cameraman framed her on air. By the time the video clip ended, the sounds of another 14 gunshots were clearly heard.

Oh, my God!” came a disembodied voice from amid the carnage. Footage taken by Ward’s camera captured the shooter calmly stepping away from the scene.


Several shots rang out during the interview as the two women screamed and ducked.

Parker, despite a desperate sprint for safety, was pronounced dead at the Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta, Va. Gunned down alongside her was Adam Ward, 27, her cameraman and friend.

Flanagan, in a bizarre 23-page screed faxed to ABC News, cited a variety of motives for the double murder — from vengeance for the June shooting at a black church in Charleston, S.C., to a message from Jehovah. “I’ve been a human powder keg for a while . . . just waiting to go BOOM!!!!” the 41-year-old wrote in the manifesto.

But court papers linked to Flanagan’s 2013 firing from WDBJ-TV indicated the killer was plotting his revenge for two years.

In one instance, Flanagan — who went by the on-air name Bryce Williams — vowed that he would “make a stink and it’s going to be in the headlines.”


In a Twitter rant while on the run, Flanagan accused the victims of racial prejudice, alluding to complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the station’s human resources department.

“Alison made racist comments,” Williams tweeted. “EEOC report filed. . . They hired her after that???. . .Adam went to hr on me after working with me one time!!!”

President Obama issued yet another statement in the wake of yet another American tragedy involving guns.

“It breaks my heart every time you read or hear about these kind of incidents,” he said hours after the killings.

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