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Reputed Leader of Sinaloa Heroin Tafficking Cell Sentenced To 11 Years In North Carolina Federal Court

August 28, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Reputed Leader of Sinaloa Heroin Tafficking Cell Sentenced To 11 Years In North Carolina Federal Court

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The reputed leader of Mexican drug cartel was sentenced to an 11 year prison sentence in Charlotte on Wednesday.

Carlos Ramon Castro-Rocha, alias ‘The Twin’ plead guilty in Charlotte in front of US Magistrate Judge David Keesler, to importing and distributing heroin in the United States.

Court records show Castro-Rocha, had been major producer and exporter of heroin from the Pacific Coast state of Sinaloa since at least 2002 and that he led a network under the umbrella of the Sinaloa Federation, that sold heroin in at least 10 U.S. cities, including Los Angeles and San Diego.

‘The Twin’ was a high priority target for the U.S. and Mexican governments when he was arrested in the Western State of Sinaloa in 2010, as part of a DEA led operation with Mexican authorities.

The 22-month investigation known as “Project Deliverance” involved 18 separate operations—encompasing more than 500 cases—that required the coordination of local patrol officers and deputies with federal agents. The DEA ran the operation out of its Special Operations Division center near D.C.

Patrol officers and deputies played a vital role in the operation, according to the DEA. In one instance, a patrol deputy arrested a subject who had a phone number written on a strip of paper that, when passed along to the DEA, resulted in a crucial lead involving the Sinaloa Cartel.

“We were able to infiltrate the organization, and the heroin distribution networks in Charlotte have been very difficult because they are very well structured,” Federal Prosecutor for the Western District, Jill Westmoreland-Rose said.

Prosecutors presented evidence, which showed  Castro-Rocha  trafficked heroin in North Carolina, Arizona, Utah, Ohio, Colorado and California.

He oversaw everything from the poppy farmers to shipping and even the cells selling black tar in Charlotte, officials said.

His defense attorney called it a business decision that Castro-Rocha now regrets.

“Basically, he grew up in rural Mexico, he was a farmer,” defense attorney Nathan Leonardo said. “He knew other people that produced this stuff.”

In federal court Wednesday, Castro-Rocha gave a statement to the judge, saying he was sorry and he would accept his sentence. He finished by telling the judge, “God bless you.”

He was joined in the courtroom by his mother and sister, who traveled from Mexico.

He still has to face a judge in Arizona, prosecutors said.

The battle is far from over as dealers get more creative in bringing heroin into the country, Westmoreland-Rose said.

“We’ve now learned they’ve had underwater tunnels, they’ve used submarines, they’re using scuba divers,” she said. “Of course, used people (Drug Mules) coming across the border illegally.”

She said agents won’t back down from the drug fight.

Castro-Rocha is expected to get 11 years in prison for the crimes in Arizona and likely will serve both sentences at the same time, prosecutors said.

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