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Florida Man Pretended To Be Cop, Threatend To Arrest Women If they Didn’t Have Sex With Him

August 30, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Florida Man Pretended To Be Cop, Threatend To Arrest Women If they Didn’t Have Sex With Him

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A man was arrested in South Florida after he impersonated a cop so he could threaten women with jail time if they didn’t have sex with him, police said.

Mark William Rose, 22, appeared in court Thursday on charges of impersonating a police officer in the commission of a felony and false imprisonment, the Orlando SunSentinel reported.

Rose tried his trick with a dozen women in the last few months and succeeded in sleeping with three of them, according to arresting documents cited by WFOR-TV. Sheriff’s deputies caught him on Wednesday trying to scare another woman into sex, the arrest record said.

Most of the victims were prostitutes, and he brought six of them to the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Fort Lauderdale to warn them they were about to be cuffed, Prosecutor Eric Linder said in county court, according to the SunSentinel.

Rose told a prostitute he would arrest her on Wednesday when she wouldn’t agree to unprotected sex, deputies said. He took her to the sheriff’s headquarters to try his sex scheme again, cops said.

“I’m a police officer and you are under arrest,” deputies say he told her. “You are going to jail. You’re going to jail tonight.”

The woman wouldn’t believe him and she later called the real cops, according to the arresting documents.

“He took her to the front door,” Linder said, according to the SunSentinel. “It’s one thing to lie, but this is a lot more than a lie, this is a threat, he’s threatening women’s personal freedom.”

But Rose’s lawyer, Michael D. Weinstein, argued that none of the women had to take his client at his word, the newspaper reported.

“That’s a ruse, but it’s not forcibly or by threat confining her,” Weinstein said. “This is not the first time a man has lied to a woman to have sex.”

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