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Four Suspected Members of Human Smuggling Ring In Houston Arrested

August 30, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Four Suspected Members of Human Smuggling Ring In Houston Arrested

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Four suspects who authorities say are part of a human smuggling ring in Houston were arrested after concerned relatives called police when the coyotes refused to release a illegal immigrant family member unless they paid extra money.

The suspects allegdly forced the men to work and would send the money earned back to a criminal organization in Mexico.

Harris County Precinct Four Constable Mark Herman said at a press conference on Friday that they rescued a man who had been illegally smuggled from Mexico.

Herman revealed that the family had already paid the coyotes $2,000 but they wanted $900 more. The suspects  threatened to kill the man, and harm the family.

“The family was frantic when they contacted police,” Herman said.

The entire video was live-streamed by KTRK-ABC13’s Steve Campion.

“Our investigation revealed the family members contacted an alien smuggling organization operating in Mexico for the purpose of smuggling the male victim into the United States via the Texas – Mexico border,” Herman told Breitbart Texas.

According to Herman, the family had first wired two payments to the suspects in the amount of $950.00 each. The family members were notified by the coyotes to meet in Houston, Texas and pay the $2,000.00 for his release.

In addition, Houston Law enforcement officials also rescued three other victims who had entered the United States illegally nearly two months before.

The three smuggling suspects were identified as Kilmer Roberto Yanes Zavala, Weldin Yobany Ayala Soriano, and Hector Rodriguez Sanchez. They have been placed in the Harris County jail with no bond.

A fourth suspect identified asHeivi Martinez-Garcia. was arrested at the stash house and charged with four Counts of 1st degree felony aggravated kidnapping.

The suspects no face a number of felony counts including aggravated smuggling, and aggravated kidnapping, and have been handled over to the Department of Homeland Security.

The smuggling ring made the men work during the day, kept the money they earned, and then stripped them down to their underwear and kept them captive in a room at night.

The constable said they raided the human smuggling stash house on Thursday after a family who had traveled from Maryland to Texas called them.

“These illegal immigrants put their lives at great risk by coming into the country in this way,” the constable said.

Herman said that most of the time these crimes go unreported, and that these smugglers are “very, very, violent.”

The Harris County constable’s office will be working with the Department of Homeland Security on these cases. The Houston Police Department also assisted in the raid.

One of the smugglers received some injuries as he tried to flee the scene at the stash house.

When interviewed by law enforcement officers, neighbors told the officers about the comings and goings at the house but they had not seen anything that raised red flags.

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