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South Texas Woman From Politically Influential Family Charged With Capital Murder

August 30, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
South Texas Woman From Politically Influential Family Charged With Capital Murder

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EDINBURG, Texas — A South Texas woman who is part of a political border dynasty is facing capital murder of a patient in the hospice she operated.

Monica Melissa Patterson, manager of the Casa Del Consuelo Hospice, is the daughter of former Hidalgo County Commissioner Hector “Tito” Palacios and niece of Pharr Mayor Polo Palacios.

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Investigators and Texas Rangers arrested Patterson at her home on Thursday.

The Palacios family is one of the most influential families in Hidalgo County, with many family members in key positions in various governmental offices and prominent businesses in the area.

On Friday afternoon, Patterson and Angel Mario Garza were formally charged with one count of capital murder and set their bond at $1 million.

Prosecutors allege Patterson and Garza were responsible for the January 28th murder of 97-year-old Martin Knell in an alleged attempt to take over his estate.

Investigators didn’t initially suspect foul play in the case and autopsy had not been ordered. The man’s caretaker had claimed that she had arrived to Knell’s house in the border city of McAllen and had found him slumped over not breathing.

However, days after Knell’s death, the female caretaker met with Texas Rangers and changed her story. Instead she reported that Knell had in fact been murdered.

She said she had initially lied to authorities fearing for her safety. The woman worked for Patterson, was in a dispute with Knell over his will. She said Garza had arrived at the house and told the caretaker to wait outside.

Patterson allegedly threatened the woman and then told the woman to wait 30 minutes and call 911. She said she was told to tell them that Knell was in the home and sick, the information released by the sheriff’s office revealed.

As a result of the joint investigation by authorities, investigators were able to corroborate the motive that the murder was tied to an effort to take over Knells estate. Records reveal they were also able to corroborate the presence of Patterson and Garza at the house.

Garza was arrested Tuesday and during questioning admitted to his role in the murder for a share of the proceeds. He corroborated the claims about Patterson’s involvement.

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