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Jeb Bush Calls Donald Trump a JERK, But Admits He Is A Substantial Candidate

August 31, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Jeb Bush Calls Donald Trump a JERK, But Admits He Is A Substantial Candidate Jeb Bush called the billionaire a 'jerk', but admitted that Donald Trump is actually a substantial candidate. Photo: Getty Images

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Jeb Bush has finally fired back at Donald Trump at a fundraiser in the Hamptons, New York, calling the Republican front-running bomb thrower “a jerk.”

At the Southampton event Bush — who has been constantly targeted by Trump, who called him a “low energy” candidate — added that watching his political rival is like “watching reality TV,” according to a witness.

Bush — who had three fund-raisers in the Hamptons over the weekend — also claimed Hillary Clinton would regulate businesses like Uber, asking, “Why would you regulate a company helping people to make a living?”

Among 75 guests at the private Meadow Lane home were Woody Johnson, Tamara Mellon, James Tisch, Jane Lauder, and Martin and Jean Shafiroff.

However, Bush was forced to admit that despite the polarizing figure Trump is, he is a real candidate during a radio interview.

“The Trump phenomenon is real,” Bush told John Catsimatidis on AM 970’s The Cats Roundtable. “(But) he’s not offering any compelling proposals though … He’s not a conservative.”

Bush has taken a drubbing in a recent Iowa poll that puts him at a distant 6 percent compared to Trump’s 23 percent.

Bush family adviser Mary Matalin conceded Sunday Trump could win the White House.

“He has more substance than we’ve seen displayed. He certainly has the moxie,” Matalin told Catsimatidis. “…If he teams up with the right kind of people and has the right kind of substance, yes, his message is electable.”

Trump continues to surge in the polls and leaves Bush in his dust. The latest Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll puts Trump at 23 percent in Iowa, followed by Ben Carson at 18 percent.

Trailing in single digits are Ted Cruz (8 percent); Scott Walker (8 percent); Marco Rubio (6 percent) and Bush (6 percent).

Bush, who once distinguished himself as a compassionate advocate for immigration reforms, drew criticism last week for using the same controversial term as Trump to describe children of illegal immigrants – “anchor babies.”

Bush, who is married to a Mexican immigrant, sought to downplay Trump’s controversial border plan as costly and unrealistic. Trump wants to triple the number of federal immigration agents, have Mexico pay for a wall, deport 11 million immigrants and end birthright citizenship.

“A wall doesn’t work … What they need is more support for local enforcement. They need the border patrol to be unleashed,” Bush said.

Bush has been under constant assault by The Donald in recent weeks, branded as “low-energy,” having “no-clue” and “weak.”

But Matalin, adviser to both Bush presidents, came to the former Florida governor’s defense.

“Saying that he’s low energy is wrong because the guy is an Energizer Bunny,” she said.

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