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Arizona Sheriff: Federal prosecutors refusing to prosecute cartel smugglers, other hardened criminals

September 16, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Arizona Sheriff: Federal prosecutors refusing to prosecute cartel smugglers, other hardened criminals

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SIERRA VISTA, Arizona — According to Breitbart Texas, sheriffs in Arizona are frusterated with the U.S. Department of Justice after having to spend millions of dollars in funds, to prosecute, imprison cartel drug traffickers, and pay for their legal costs because the federal government has refused to pick up the charges.

Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot voiced his growing frustration with government prosecutors’ lack of cooperation.

“It has grown to the point of I have upwards of 130 backpackers, (a nickname for cartel drug smugglers) because the U.S. Attorney would not charge them for drug trafficking,” said Wilmot.

Wilmot said the political climate in Washington has led federal prosecutors to stop prosecutors cartel smugglers and other illegal immigrants who have been arrested in the U.S. on other criminal charges.

The Yuma Sheriff has now started to deputize federal agents so that any arrests made by agents, would be prosecuted in federal court.

“That’s a bill that I end up having to pay now because they are stuck in my jail,” Wilmot said. “That’s my cost not only to house them but to also take care of their medical problems. Then the county attorney has to burden that cost of providing a public defender.”

Although the Obama administration is working to transfer the enforcement of illegal immigration, the issue with border sheriffs is regarding the arrests of hardened criminals.

“There’s not a sheriff in here that wants anything to do with immigration,” Wilmot said. “ But we are talking about the criminals.”

Because of the Whit House’s unwillingness no to prosecute certain individuals and not others has lead to other federal agencies to rely on Wilmot to have their investigations prosecuted in court.

“The issue has gotten to the point where I have had the FBI come to me because the U.S. Attorney won’t prosecute child porn cases,” Wilmot said. “That’s how ridiculous it has gotten. That’s our frustration, you say it’s your job well then do your job but if you are not and we have to do it for you then give us the money to do it. “

In Yuma County alone, Wilmot has spent more than $500,000 since October and $950,000 in costs to prosecute, house and care for criminal aliens. Overall the sheriff’s in Arizona have spent more than $30 million to enforce the law however the federal government has been reimbursing them 4.8 cents per dollar spent.

“That their job but they are not doing it,” he said. It is insane, with that you can understand my frustrations with DC.”

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