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Mayor of Juarez Plans To Sue Makers Of Hit Film ‘Sicario,’ Saying It Paints City In Negative Light

October 3, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mayor of Juarez Plans To Sue Makers Of Hit Film ‘Sicario,’ Saying It Paints City In Negative Light

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The mayor of the city of Juarez is looking to sue the creators of the new blockbuster film “Sicario,” claiming the violence in the movie presents a negative image of his city.

The city, which sits on the border, just across El Paso Texas, was considered the murder capital of the world.

Mayor Enrique Serrano Escobar says he intends to file suit in a U.S. court against the producers of the movie and will seek “moral damages” for the city.

Escobar is alleging that the film takes past events and presents them as if were in the present day.

The mayor went on to say the movie depicts violent incidents that don’t currently reflect the city in its current state.

In 2010, the city saw 3,000 murders committed by Mexican cartels who battled for control of the city’s plaza crossing.

In recent years, city officials have been depicting an image of a much safer Juarez, by touting that the city saw just 500 murders, despite the fact that cartel violence continues plaguing the area.

Children from Rancho Anapra, one of the dangerous areas in Juarez, told Breitbart Texas in an interview that murder have taken place just blocks away. During the interview the children spoke about how cartel members doused a woman with gasoline and set her on fire.“We are waiting for the film to be showed, we can’t sue before,” Serrano told El Diario.

You can view the interview below

“Once it begins to be shown our attorneys in the U.S. will see it and evaluate the possibility of suing them in a U.S. court on behalf of Juarez. If they tell us we can we will move forward to the fullest extent.”

Serrano also told El Diario that he seeks to force an advisory shown in Mexican theaters that states that the violence depicted in the film does not display current events in the city.

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