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Guard At NYC Rikers Island Jail Has Face Brutally Slashed By Gang Members

November 6, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Guard At NYC Rikers Island Jail Has Face Brutally Slashed By Gang Members

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A correction officer at New York City’s Rikers Island Prison  sustained horrific facial injuries after he was brutally slashed by one inmate while another held him down on a cell floor Thursday night, the Daily News reported.

Officer Raymond Calderon was treated at New York Hospital  in Queens, NY after the attack at the George Motchan Detention Center on Rikers Island, jail insiders said.

The attack began when one inmate asked Calderon to open his cell door. When Calderon did, the inmate put him into a chokehold and threw him to the floor. Another inmate came into the cell and began to slash his face.

Calderon fought back and suffered a cut to his wrist, as well as a gash a quarter of an inch away from his eye, a jail source said.

“Commissioner (Joseph) Ponte has zero tolerance for assaults on staff,” said Department of Correction spokeswoman Eve Kessler. “The department is seeking rearrest of any inmate involved.”

Both inmates are said to be teens and Bloods members. Multiple sources identified them as Darnell Green and William Whitfield.

In January, inmates under age 21 will no longer be placed in solitary confinement, a move hailed by inmate advocates. But jail bosses are opposed to the measure, warning it will lead to further violence.

The ban is a “recipe for disaster,” said Sidney Schwartzbaum, who represents jail bosses.

Correction Officers Benevolent Association President Norman Seabrook noted the attack occurred as the department begins to implement a new use-of-force policy as part of federally mandated reforms.

Officers are now banned from hitting inmates in the face unless they have no other options. They are also encouraged to talk to combative inmates before using physical force.

“Our members face life-and-death danger every single day when they walk into work, and incidents like this are exactly why we need to be a part of these policy discussions,” Seabrook said. “It is an outrage that the lives and safety of brave correction officers like this young man do not seem to be a priority.”

Ponte has struggled to stem a rise in violence at city jails.Fiscal year 2015 was the bloodiest behind bars in more than a decade, even though thousands fewer inmates are being locked up.

There were 108 stabbings and slashings in the fiscal year ending June 30. That’s up from 88 in 2014 and more than double the 41 recorded in 2011.

The attacks have barely slowed since this summer, according to internal reports.

“Violence is worse every day,” one jail boss said.

Still, the number of serious injuries to staff as a result of inmate assaults fell from 53 in fiscal year 2014 to 43 in 2015, records show.

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