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Student who slept with disgraced Utah high school teacher sues school district

December 17, 2015  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Student who slept with disgraced Utah high school teacher sues school district

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The student who engaged in an improper sexual relationship with the disgraced Utah teacher is now suing the school district for failing to protect him.

The now 19-year-old victim claimed in federal court the faculty at the Salt Lake City-area high school were aware Brianne Altice, 36, was having sex with students, but did nothing to protect the boy and two others, according to the lawsuit, KSL reported.

The lawsuit alleges the sexual romps were so blatant, students joked “Who is Ms. Altice sleeping with now?”

The student, who pleaded guilty in January for trying to prevent the teacher’s prosecution and threatening a witness, now seeks an unspecified amount in damages for physical, mental and emotional pain, along with medical expenses.

He reached out to another one of Altice’s sex victims and asked, “I hope with all my heart that yu wont put yur best friend and her thru that devastation (sic).”

After the victim still testified, he sent furious Snapchat messages and threatened to kill the witness and his girlfriend, according to court documents.

Altice pleaded guilty to having sex with three teenage boys, and claimed she did it during a “very vulnerable time” in her life.

The disgraced teacher had sexual relationships with the boys for months, going on picnics and dates with the students.

She faces two to 30 years behind bars for her sex crimes, and will have her first parole hearing in January 2017.

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