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Beautiful TV show host executed in front of child in Juarez, Mexico

January 2, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Beautiful TV show host executed in front of child in Juarez, Mexico

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A beautiful host of cable television show in Juarez, Mexico was executed in front of her youngest child, by the same men who murdered her partner one month earlier.

Authorities said, America Maribel Alva Larrazolo, 27 years old, who was also a dancer a popular bar in Juarez, was shot to death Monday in the colony Infonavit Oasis in Ciudad Juarez as she arrived home with the youngest of her three children.

Investigators said the child, who is seven years old, was unharmed.

Witnesses said a man exited a green car and shot Larrazolo in the face. She died instantly.

According to Proceso, Alva Larrazolo witnessed the murder of her partner, Alejandro Barron, who was shot to death back on November 15th, after the Hummer they were driving in was ambushed by gunmen in separate vans.

Authorities believe Barron’s death is drug-related because of his links to members of a notorious drug trafficking gang in Juarez.

Alva Larrazolo had reportedly told investigators of the identity of Barron’s killers. However, she was not provided witness protection. An investigation is currently ongoing.

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