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Mayor of Mexican city is gunned down, one day after she is sworn into office

January 2, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mayor of Mexican city is gunned down, one day after she is sworn into office

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The new mayor of the city of Temixco in Mexico was fatally gunned down Saturday, according to Morelos state Governor Graco Ramirez.

Gisela Mota, a former member of Congress, was sworn into office on Friday, New Years Day.

However, just one day after assuming office, Mota was executed by four armed gunmen inside her home, located at Lazaro Cardenas in the village of Pueblo Viejo.

Police said the assassins entered the home around 7:30 a.m. brutally beat Mota and then shot her in the head, according to El Economista.

Paramedics confirmed her death at 7:50 a.m.

Police killed two of the armed assassins during a gun battle. A short time later, the Office of the Mexican Attorney General announced the arrest of the alleged masterminds of the attack.

Last year several mayors were murdered by drug cartels in Mexico, including the gruesome discovery of A mayoral candidate, Aidé Nava González. who was found decapitated on the outskirts of the town she was running to represent, with a “narcomanta” — a drug gang message — written on a sheet that was covered over her body.

The city of Temixco is the fourth largest city in Morelos, with population of 100,000 people, located 60 miles south of Mexico City. The State Department urges travelers to Morelos to “exercise caution … due to the unpredictable nature of organized crime violence.” The site also lists Morelos as one of the top five states in terms of numbers of kidnappings.

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