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Police arrest three suspected members of Los Zetas for the recent string of gruesome beheadings

January 2, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Police arrest three suspected members of Los Zetas for the recent string of gruesome beheadings

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Mexican authorities arrested three suspected members of Los Zetas Tuesday morning, who are believed to be responsible for the recent beheadings of three informants in Piedras Negras Coahuila.

Police discovered the severed heads of three victims, two male and one female, identified Eliseo Ruiz Santos, 37, Cristian Alvarado, 17, and Claudia Elisabeth Hernández Cárdenas 33 years old, in public places around different parts of the city on December 23rd.

Police detained Juan Enrique Zapata, 26 years old, alias “El Sireno,” Juantos Ernesto Vazquez, alias “El Pollo” and Carlos Enrique Flores Rodriguez, alias “La Chiva”, 40 years old for the gruesome murders.

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The headless bodies were discovered with a narco message from the Zetas

The military paraded the three suspects in front of cameras during a press conference given by Secretary of Government Victor Zamora Rodriguez, who said the arrests were made thanks to excellent investigative work, which included some inquiries work by the authorities.

The Secretary of Government said that the three involved in the events of December 23rd, are members of the ultra-violent criminal group known as “Los Zetas.

Zamora Rodriguez also noted that the prosecution has exercised penal action against the three for the crime of aggravated kidnapping and homicide committed against Eliseo Ruiz Santos.

The beheadings followed a controversial ruling by a panel of judges who recently overturned the prison sentences of nine former municipal police officers who were convicted of working for Los Zetas.

Police are investigating a link between the gruesome murders and the recent release of the nine former officers.

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