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Texas “affluenza” teen, Ethan Couch was escorted back to hotel after failing to pay tab at strip club in Mexico

January 2, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Texas “affluenza” teen, Ethan Couch was escorted back to hotel after failing to pay tab at strip club in Mexico

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According to a hotel employee, Texas teen Ethan Couch was forced to return to his hotel room with members of the staff of a strip club because he could not pay the bill while on the run in Mexico.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Marina Meza, who is an employee at the hotel in Puerta Vallarta where the fugitive 18-year-old “affluenza” teen stayed with his mother for 5-days, was asked to wake up Tonya Couch late at night so she could pay the tab, which she did.

The Mexican government returned Tonya Couch to the  U.S. on Thursday while her son Ethan was granted temporary stay against deportation. The teen is currently in the custody of an immigration detention center in Mexico City.

Meza, 46, told the Dallas Morning News that the Couches did not fill out registration paperwork that would include presenting a valid ID.

“They seemed like normal people, perhaps a bit too private, But that’s something you get used to, the idea that some people may be running from their past,” Meza said,

She also revealed that the teen stayed in the room the majority of the time while Tonya Couch went Jogging every day on the beach and took their dog for walks.

Meza said she hadn’t realized the pair were fugitives until a co-worker showed her a newspaper clipping showing a photograph, but the pair had already checked out at that point.

Meza said they left suddenly on Christmas Eve.

“I knew them only as ‘the Texans’ because that’s the only thing they’d tell me when I asked for their names: ‘We’re from Texas,” she told the Morning News.

The Mother and son purportedly fled to Mexico in November as Texas prosecutors investigated whether Ethan had violated his ten years’ probation.

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