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New ISIS execution video shows English speaking masked man and young boy, both UK nationals

January 4, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
New ISIS execution video shows English speaking masked man and young boy, both UK nationals

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A new 10-minute ISIS execution video features an English speaking masked extremist, who is being called the new Jihadi John and a young boy both have been identified as British nationals

British press is reporting that the masked man in the video is a Londoner named Siddhartha Dhar, a one-time salesman who sold inflatable bounce houses.

Dhar, who is of Nigerian origin, reportedly jumped bail and left Britain for Syria after his arrest on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and belonging to an illegal terrorist organization.

During the video, the British Jihadi goes on a tirade against the U.K. and Prime Minister David Cameron, calling him “a slave of the White House” and “mule of the Jews.”

Dhar continued to call Cameron an “imbecile” for daring to wage war against “Allah.”

“One would have thought you would have learned the lessons of your pathetic master in Washington, and his failed campaign against the Islamic State. But it seems that you, just like your predecessors Blair and Brown, are just as arrogant and foolish,” he added.

Dhar finishes spewing his ISIS propaganda by shooting one of the prisoners.

The video ends with a young 4-year-old boy in camouflage, who is believed to be Dhar’s grandson Isa.

Dhar told British media his daughter Grace converted to Islam after she was raised a devout Christian. She has since assumed the name Khadijah and fled with her son Isa to Syria to join ISIS.

The boy is seen in the video proclaiming “We will kill kuffar (infidels) over there,” pointing over Dhar’s shoulder.

David Cameron dismissed the new video, calling it a desperate attempt by a group losing territory in Syria and Iraq.

“It’s desperate stuff from an organization that does do the most utterly despicable and horrendous acts, and people can see that again today,” he said.

“But this is an organization that’s losing territory, it’s losing ground, it’s, I think, increasingly losing anybody’s sympathy.”

Dhar is an obvious replacement for the British-born executioner Mohammed Emwazi, better known as “Jihadi John,” who was blown to hell in a drone strike in Syria back in November. Emwazi appeared in beheading videos released by ISIS, including James Foley.

Robb Leech, who produced Dhar while making a documentary about his own stepbrother, who was jailed for terrorism offenses in 2013, said the militant in the video looked and sounded like Dhar. He said Dhar had never struck him as violent, and had always been friendly.

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