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California drug cop caught with $2 million in marijuana in Pennsylvania

January 6, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
California drug cop caught with $2 million in marijuana in Pennsylvania

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Authorities Pennsylvania arrested a California narcotics cop after getting caught in a $2 million nationwide marijuana bust.

York County District Attorney Tom Kearney said at a press conference that York Police arrested three drug traffickers with 247 pounds of marijuana worth $2 million and $11,000 in cash in a car.

Kearney revealed that among the three suspects caught attempting to traffick the significant amounts of weed into the state, was a drug task force agent with a California sheriff’s department.

According to the Appeal-Democrat, Yuba County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Mark Heath, 37, reportedly took a vacation to deliver the marijuana shipment.

The corrupt cop had participated in at least 62 criminal investigations, which included a large number of marijuana cases, commander Martin Horan said.

Investigators said the other two suspects, identified as Heath, Tyler Neil Long, 31, and Ryan Jay Falsone, 27, drove cross country from California to Pennsylvania for a large quantity drug sale

However, the three men were caught after police received a tip about the pending sale.

The California deputy and his two cohorts were arrested on December 29th after they attempted to deliver the shipment of marijuana to a purported buyer.

Police discovered Heath’s badge and service weapon with the massive amount of drugs.

“One has to be both saddened and angry when you hear of something like this,” Kearney said at the press conference.

He added, “The work that is done by the task force and police officers, in general, is very dangerous work, and it is made more dangerous by the fact that occasionally there is a bad apple in the barrel.”

The sheriff’s department have placed Heath is on administrative leave pending the outcome of his criminal trial.

Heath started out in 2003 as a correctional officer and in 2007 became the deputy sheriff.

The Yuba County District Attorney announced an open review of all the investigations Heath participated in, to determine if the cased were compromised.

Kearney said the 247 pounds of marijuana seized, shall be incinerated.

All three men face charges including possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and criminal conspiracy. A judge set bail at $1 million for the suspects.

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