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Minor suspected in Mexican mayor’s killing leads investigators to clandestine graves

January 6, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Minor suspected in Mexican mayor’s killing leads investigators to clandestine graves

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Mexican law enforcement officials in Morelos say the suspects arrested in the execution of the newly sworn in mayor of the southern Mexican city of Temixco, Gisela Mota have started providing information to investigators.

Mota was shot to death in her home in front of her family early Saturday morning, just one day after she was sworn into office.

Following the assassination, Police killed two of the suspects responsible during a gunbattle and arrested another three, including one female age 33, and two males, an 18-year-old and the other a minor.

Attorney General Javier Perez Duron said all three individuals are suspects in other criminal investigations and have given information about the alleged drug gang behind the murder, which has included the location of a clandestine grave containing the bodies of four men in a rural area.

The Associated Press was citing a law enforcement official, who was speaking on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to be quoted by name, said the minor arrested in the Mayor’s killing has led authorities to the gruesome discovery.

Police have not released the suspect’s name is because he is a juvenile.

He admitted to investigators that he belonged to Los Rojos, a violent drug gang that was allegedly responsible for the killing and burying of the four victims, who remain unidentified.

The official also revealed that the father of Mota described his daughter’s murder to police. He said a group of armed gunmen burst into the Mayor’s house and asked her family who among them was the mayor. “Mota answered ‘that’s me,’ and that’s when they shot her,” according to the official said.

Gov. Graco Ramirez blamed the slaying of Temixco Mayor Gisela Mota on Los Rojos on Twitter.

The gang is embroiled in a bloody turf war with another drug cartel called the Guerreros Unidos gang in Morelos and the neighboring state of Guerrero in southern Mexico. The bloody conflict may have played a hand in the abduction and presumed murder of the 43 students in Iguala in September of 2014.

Mota’s murder has sent shockwaves around the world, with the United Nations condemning the senseless execution in a statement.

The U.N. agencies on human and women’s rights issued a joint statement of condemnation on Tuesday, calling the murder a “grave crime, that disrupts the political rights of women, which is guaranteed by the constitution of Mexico.

The commissions urged the government to take Mota’s gender into account in the investigation and prosecution of the people suspected of the murder.

The statement went on to urge the protection of political leaders notably women.

“Although Mexico has made improvements toward the equality between men and women in Congress, women’s participation in local mayoral offices “is still insufficient,” the statement said.

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