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New charges in the kidnapping of two Rochester college students includes disturbing details of sexual assault

January 7, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
New charges in the kidnapping of two Rochester college students includes disturbing details of sexual assault

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Prosecutors have indicted six people in the kidnapping and torture of two University of Rochester students on Wednesday.

The six attackers held the two college students hostage in a drug den in Rochester for 40 hours demanding money until Police SWAT Units conducted a rescue operation.

The three men and three women listed in the indictment stand accused of kidnapping and committing “extreme torture,” including the sexual assault of the two young victims during a 40-hour hellacious attack at a Rochester house located in upstate New York in early December.

The six suspects identified in the attack included, Dennis Perez, Lydell Strickland, Leah Gigliotti, David Alcaraz-Ubiles, Samantha Hughes and Inalia Rolldan all plead not guilty to multiple counts of kidnapping and assault in early December.

However, the indictment unsealed Wednesday included several additional counts of assault, gang assault, sexual assault and weapons charges.

A woman is the seventh additional suspect facing kidnapping charges. However, she was not named in the indictment for some unknown reason.

The victims, who are both seniors are now considered sexual assault victims and prosecutors retracted their names from the indictment.

Both students were reported missing on Dec. 5th and rescued a day later by SWAT team units after investigators determined they were being held hostage at a house four miles away from the campus.

One of the victims suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

The indictment detailed how the assailants forced, at least, one of the students to “engage in oral sexual conduct” and had a foreign object (inserted) in the rectum or anus,”

The assaults resulted in “severe physical injury,” for the victim, the indictment says.

The grand jury indicted Dennis Perez and Lydell Strickland on nine counts of predatory sexual assault and multiple counts of robbery, weapons possession, gang assault, and gun charges.

Leah Gigliotti and Samantha Hughes were indicted with assault, gang assault, and kidnapping charges. Inalia Rolldan and David Alcaraz-Ubiles are facing kidnapping and weapons charges.

The last person arrested, is scheduled for arraignment for Jan.20th on assault charges. The remaining defendants are scheduled to appear in State Superior Court in March.

“As far as the victims are concerned, we know they are both very fortunate in that they were located by the sound work of the (Rochester Police Department) SWAT team,” Doorley said in a news release.

Investigators are still working on a motive but suspect mistaken identity over a drug debt may have played a roll.

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