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Chapo Guzman’s vanity helped law enforcement agents track him down

January 9, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Chapo Guzman’s vanity helped law enforcement agents track him down

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Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman will be returned to the same prison he escaped from back in July after the Mexican drug lord apparently fell victim is his fame.

Guzman thought his rags to riches story was worthy of Hollywood movie. According to Mexico’s attorney general, Guzman’s ego and narcissism led to his downfall after it was discovered he was in the process of making a biopic, similar to the blockbuster show “Narcos” based on the life of legendary Colombian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar.

Guzman even used intermediaries to contact producers and actresses so he can tell his story of a farm boy who became the most wanted drug trafficker in the world. Which is how authorities discovered his whereabouts.

Mexican Marines arrested El Chapo during an operation 4 am raid on a house in the town of Los Mochis, located in the Golden Triangle Sinaloa. Five of Guzman’s bodyguards were killed in the operation; six others were arrested.

Authorities also seized an arsenal of weapons, including rocket-propelled grenade launchers, automatic weapons, and two armored vehicles.

Guzman’s top lieutenant, El Cholo’ who at first evaded capture but was nabbed hours later.


El Chapo’s hitman Orso Iván Gastélum Cruz, known as ‘El Cholo’, after he was taken into custody following the shootout

The evasive drug lord, flanked by heavily armed soldiers, was paraded in front of journalists at an airbase just like his two previous arrests, then flown by helicopter by Mexican marines to a prison near the city of Toluca.

Arely Gómez, The Mexican AG told the Guardian how Guzman’s vanity is what finally got him caught.

“He established communication with actors and producers, which formed a new line of investigation,’ Gómez said. She refused to confirm which stars had been approached for the film.

“El Chapo may have fancied himself as Mexico’s answer to the infamous, Colombian drugs lord who became one of the most powerful and violent criminals of all time, Pablo Escobar” Gomez said

El Chapo is led onto a military helicopter after his arrest

El Chapo is led onto a military helicopter after his arrest

Mexican authorities said agents with the DEA and U.S. Marshals assisted in the capture of El Chapo.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto wrote on his Twitter account on Friday: ‘Mission accomplished: We have him,’ in announcing the arrest, but what will he do with him is the question everyone is asking.

The U.S. government will undoubtedly request his extradition, where he faces seven indictments.

U.S. Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr told CNN: ‘I can confirm that it is the practice of the United States to seek extradition whenever defendants subject to U.S. charges are apprehended in another country.’

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