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Angry protests erupt in Germany after women are sexually assaulted by mob of Muslim refugees

January 10, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Angry protests erupt in Germany after women are sexually assaulted by mob of Muslim refugees

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Angry protests over a series of sexual assaults against hundreds of women by Muslim immigrants on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany reached a boiling point after riot police used tear gas and water cannons to control the massive crowds.

The seething demonstrations stem from a series of sexual assaults on New Years Eve after dozens of women were forced to endure a terrifying “gauntlet” of groping and violence by groups has generated outrage over by German Preident Angela Merkel’s liberal attitude toward migrants and refugees.

Out of 379 complaints, 150 sexual assault charges were filed in the attack.

Both infuriated right-wing and left-wing demonstrators took to the streets Saturday, expressing their horror at the number of sexual assaults that occurred on New Years Eve.

Around 1,700 anti-Muslim protesters shouted “Merkel out” and carried signs reading “Rapefugees Not Welcome” began hurling bottles and firecrackers, together with another, 1,300 left wing groups as they vented their anger at the open border immigration policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who accepted 1.1 million refugees and migrants to Germany in 2015.

For days, the police kept a report from the public, which described dozens of women forced to “run a gantlet” of drunken, abusive “Arab and North African” men numbering around 1,000 on New Years Eve in the square of the Cologne Cathedral, one of the best-known Christian symbols Germany.

The police were terribly unprepared, as cops were rendered helpless to counter the brutal attacks, which included two rapes from the men who also allegedly reached under women’s skirts to grope them, grabbed their breasts, tore off their undergarments, screamed obscenities and reportedly burned women with firecrackers.

Saturday’s heavy police presence in the square was in stark contrast to the meager forces in place on New Year’s Eve, protesters on both sides said.

“The police come after us but they don’t dare touch the Syrians,” one anti-Merkel activist complained to the Sunday Times of London.

Police in other German cities have also reported incidents of sexual assaults by refugees, but on a smaller scale.

Merkel, who was an outspoken proponent in welcoming refugees to Germany, held a two-day meeting of the Christian Democrats in Mainz, where she agreed that tighter restrictions would be “in the interest of citizens and the majority of the refugees who have settled in Germany.”

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