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Feds arrest Bronx’s public enemy No.1 on murder charges after police manhunt

January 14, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Feds arrest Bronx’s public enemy No.1 on murder charges after police manhunt

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Federal agents arrested a man who they are calling the “Bronx’s public enemy No. 1” for a murder of a rival gang member, committed in broad daylight and for a New Years Eve carjacking.

Appearing in federal court on Wednesday, Judge James Francis told Ruben Pizzaro, a known 23-year-old gang member, he faces life in prison for the latest charges leveled against him.

Pizzaro has proved to be a frustrating suspect, having been accused multiple times in the past. But because witnesses and victims were uncooperative he walked each occasion.

“Ruben Pizarro is a charismatic guy; you wouldn’t think you are talking to a cold-blooded killer when you speak to him,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.

Prosecutors accuse Pizzaro of the fatal shooting of David Rivera on the morning of Nov. 24 at the corner of 175th Street and Crotona Avenue in The Bronx, New York around 9:15 am, according to the federal complaint.

“The “hardened” criminal was arrested Tuesday at a time when he was wanted by other gang members,” said Boyce.

According to Court documents, Pizzaro is accused of shooting at members of a rival gang, Rivera among them, video surveillance captured the entire incident.

Prosecutors don’t reveal Pizzaro’s gang association. However, police sources revealed he is part a Bloods set who have substantial involvement with the dealing of heroin and cocaine and that the gang dispute was likely “territorial.”

Also, authorities charged Pizzaro with the New Year’s carjacking of a van parked in the Inwood section of the Bronx around 11 a.m.

Pizzaro allegedly forced the driver out at gunpoint and took his ID, wallet, and jacket.

A federal jury acquitted Pizzaro in August of robbery and conspiracy to commit an armed robbery in Manhattan Federal Court, records show.

Avi Moskowitz, Pizzaro’s court-appointed attorney, declined to comment. Pizzaro Is currently held without bail.

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