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Police charge two Colorado teens for plotting Columbine-style attack on classmates

January 15, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Police charge two Colorado teens for plotting Columbine-style attack on classmates

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Prosecutors have charged two 16-year-old girls with allegedly planned to kill classmates at a Denver-area high school on Thursday.

Police arrested Brooke Higgins and Sienna Johnson on Dec. 12 after a text-a-tip program developed for schools, alerted them to the plot. Prosecutors allege both teens formulated plans for a deadly attack on classmates at Mountain Vista High School, located in the upper-class suburb of Highlands Ranch.

Higgins faces two counts of conspiracy to commit murder. Prosecutors said she searched how to purchase guns online and looked up female mass shooters. Investigators also discovered she had written in her journal how she wished she could have taken part in the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

Prosecutors successfully argued Higgins was a danger to the community and a judge set bond at $1 million.

Dagny Van Der Jagt, who represents Higgins, is attempting to have the case tried in juvenile court and argued the teens were not close friends, and their cases are different.

“They have very different personalities, backgrounds, interests,” she said after Thursday’s hearing. “They have been linked to what I call feeble circumstantial inferences.”

“Juvenile court is a better place for Higgins because it focuses more on treatment and therapy than incarceration, ” said Van Der Jagt, who told the judge her client struggles with depression.

Johnson was charged with the same crimes in early January and also remains in custody on a million dollar bond. They alleged Johnson mapped plans for the attack and purchased a pellet gun for target practice.

According to prosecutors, Higgins told a friend about the shooting plot, and a search of her cell phone showed she visited Armslist.com, an online gun site.

Johnson’s public defender, Ara Ohanian, has said the allegations against her have been exaggerated.

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